Dark Heresy
Aptitude Picker

For your powergaming needs

This tool helps pick the completely plausible combination of home world , background, and role that enables you to cheaply buy the desired talents for your new Dark Harris build.

If a combination of home world, background, and role results in the same aptitude being received multiple times, you may a characteristic aptitude of your own choosing (Core rulebook pg. 79 "Aptitudes").
This tool tries to apply this rule to achieve the combination of aptitudes you tick off. The field spare characteristics shows you the number of extra aptitudes leftover from the constraint solving process, as well as the characteristic aptitudes that were chosen to satisfy the filter you ticked off in the checkboxes.

To bookmark a combination for further consideration, click on the row (making it turn red). Results are sorted first by selection status, then spare aptitudes. This means that clicking Filter! again will place them at the top of your list.

Saving / sharing: The link / URL is continually rewritten as you browse. This allows you to save your bookmarked builds, and to link friends to your talent table. Clicking a talent (such as the Jaded reference under requires for Iron Resolve) will jump to the Jaded talent, and the selection will be stored in your link until you close the talent table.

  • make data downloadable to excel/csv format
  • tooltips for descriptions and so on
  • add button to generate xp cost lists for a combination where the talents/skills have already been pre-filled?
  • find someone who knows CSS to make this look less like the 90's
  • consider "shopping list" mode for talent table (bookmarking + order + xp cost summation)
  • Enforce pre-requisite talents on talent shopping list
  • Consider supporting entering characteristic values?

NB:The talent descriptions have been edited for brevity, do not rely on them (consult the books!) if you're about to get into an argument, or attempting to pull off something spectacularly interesting that your GM may object to.

  • NB: You can decrease the text size by pressing control-minus in your browser. The tables can be imported into Excel or LibreOffice; either by marking everything by pressing control-a and copy-pasting, or by saving the HTML file (control-s) and opening it directly in the spreadsheet application.
  • NB: Printing for some reason seems to look better and span fewer pages in Chrome/Chromium, so take that into account when printing talent lists.
  • The guld.ch house rules permit selecting a subset of the Only War talents for your character as well as the Dark Heresy 2nd ed talents. Use the DH2+OW button for that.